AKSON Pharma

Akson was founded in 2001 and could in no time manage to position itself at the very vanguard of the Pharmaceutical Sector.
Akson has fully modern and Automatic Production Facility. Encompasses 20,628 sq. ft land used a bulit area of 20,315 sq.ft for Akson production.
Akson Operates in total Complaince with the Standards Set by MOH.
Owing to its unremitting pursuit of perfection, the Company won the ISO 9001:2008 top Performance Certification and is continuing to win consumers trust.
Akson has superior, Hi-tech Quality Control Laboratory where various Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Tests are conducted to guarantee the optimum quality of the Company's Products. The Management of Akson is committed to:
Build Quality through Comprehensive Quality Management System based on process approach which has been designed and backed up by personnel, equipment and other resources to provide assurance that product will be consistently safe and of quality appropriate to their intended use.
Endeavor for continuous upgradation and improvement System by measuring and analysising the voice of all its process.
Fulfill Regulatory/Statutory as well as GMP, GLP and GWP requirement.
Emphases on Human Resource Development throug Training, Motivation, Involvement and by the providing favourable work environment.
Continuous up gradation of manufacturing and testing technologies.
Akson Pharmaceuticals is one of the Leading Private Company Specializing in Production of Human medicines.


We live in the country with abundant resources and multiple problems. The biggest source is manpower but on the other hand unemployment is one of the biggest issues of the day. Unemployment creates poverty and poverty is the mother of major issues. Health is the major concern as development of the country is depends upon the healthy nation. Provision of health care facilities to every citizen is the basic responsibility of the government. The government policies depend upon the economic condition of the country and economy depends upon the industrial growth and development. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest pillars of the economy. Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry is flourishing day by day by providing quality medication to the patients at their door step and supporting health care providers. Akson Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd is one the major player of the Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry. Our vision is very clear and we want healthy and prosperous Pakistan. We are trying our best to play our role in the provision of jobs and quality medications with economy to the patients at their door step. We are also taking step to facilitate health care providers by updating required knowledge about our products. We spent a lot in the development and training of our professional team in production, quality control, marketing and other departments. We are also improving our system by following the certification requirements of ISO and others. All of our efforts are making it possible for us to get closer to our objective. We are quite hopeful that one day our dream will comes true and no one will remain untreated in our country whether he/she can afford or not afford the medication. We will continue our efforts till the presence of last patient in our country untreated.


"To adopt and implement all those standard operating procedures not only necessary to provide highest quality medicines, but also ensure their efficacy, safety and easy availability at reasonable price. "A team that is accountable for effective review and sport of quality through the prioritization resourcing and timely execution of quality conscious decision making. "Confirmation of our SUCCESS is based upon the testimony of our customers, share holders, regulators, business partners, and employees.